How Not to Write Articles Online

Most of you write articles for money and others just write them for pure pleasure. However, there are some things you shouldn’t do with or include in an article. These are:

- Sexual Content – Unless you are writing for a sexual article site then don’t add any sexual content into your article. It not only puts people off you, but it can ruin your reputation on that article site and all your articles will be ignored by people.

- Sell a product – Articles are sources of information. Don’t try selling a product to your readers. You give information in an article. Again by selling to people they will start ignoring your articles. If you want to sell a product you leave that to your resource box as that is your give section.

- Don’t insult people – Never talk about people in an ill mannered way. If you use racism or discrimination, how many people do you think will want to view your articles? You could also face being suspended or blocked from an article directory for incidents like this.

- Copying other peoples articles – Don’t copy articles from other people. If it is hard to come up with content then you look at their articles and make a few points and you elaborate on them even more. By copying someone’s articles you account will most likely to be suspended, don’t try using article spinners on other people’s articles as well as they can be told apart from the original articles.

- URLs in your article – If you add urls that redirect to an affiliate link in your article or resource box, your article will be declined. Some article directories allow URLs but these aren’t allowed to be affiliate links, and don’t think that cloaking the link will get your article accepted, these can be told from original links.

Keep all these points in mind to keep yourself from being suspended from article directories. Remember that most articles are manually checked and by using any methods as seen above could get your article declined or your account suspended.

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